A message from our mayor . . .

Moultrie is a unique city in the heart of South Georgia. Originally grounded in an agricultural economy and setting, Moultrie is now a diversified community providing an exceptional quality of life.

As Mayor of Moultrie, I am indeed grateful for the opportunities available to our citizens of all ages and backgrounds. I am a Moultrie native, and I am honored to have served as Mayor for nearly eighteen years. I have always observed Moultrians displaying a “can-do” attitude which has translated into the existence of amenities unique to a city our size.

Known as the “City of Southern Living,” Moultrie is a community that takes pride in its industries, schools, churches, its award-winning Main Street program, and its revitalized downtown, along with a host of other positives that make Moultrie special.

Our youth are of paramount importance. Opportunities for their growth and development are provided by an outstanding school system, which stresses personal excellence. Excellence in academics, athletics, choral performance and citizenship is the hallmark of our educational program. In addition, the City of Moultrie Recreation Department and our local YMCA provide unsurpassed facilities and programs that provide opportunities for personal development for our youth and other citizens of all ages. The Moultrie-Colquitt County Arts Center is a treasured community resource that opens doors to the arts for a spectrum of citizens of all backgrounds and ages. Moultrie is one of only a few locations in the state to have a diving well facility. It is supported by a premier, nationally recognized diving program that boasts numerous All-American divers in its ranks.

Moultrie has a great sense of “community”. Value is given to traditional values and personal achievement. Following this lead, city government is progressive and is attuned to the need for continued growth and economic development, while at the same time, providing basic and expanding services in an economically prudent manner.

I urge and invite you to “experience” Moultrie either by a personal visit or by a visit to our website. Our aim is to continue to improve and become an even more viable, growing community in this new century.

Personally, I am proud to have grown up and to have had my children grow up in Moultrie. I encourage you to get to know Moultrie. I think you will be surprised and pleased.


William M. McIntosh