The City of Moultrie is temporarily not taking any recycling materials.

A large trailer will be located at the former site (Georgia State Farmers Market) for a period of time to help citizens dispose of those items.

The current market price of materials has prevented us from having a resource to take the materials to. Thank you for your patience in this matter as we continue to explore other avenues in which to dispose of these recycling materials.

If you have any questions, please contact the Solid Waste Department at (229) 668-5423

WALB Airs Article Concerning Roll-outs

Here is the video from WALB that gives a description of the new roll-out cart system taking effect in Moultrie.

Rollouts Are Coming!

City of Moultrie Garbage Collection Change: ROLL-OUT CARTS

Over the past several years, Moultrie City Council has heard pros and cons of the current in-ground garbage collection system. Opinions have been expressed to elected officials during public meetings and private conversations. The in-ground system has been continued in Moultrie much longer than in other cities, mainly because of the aesthetic appeal to many of our citizens. However, in order to be fiscally responsible and operate the solid waste fund on a firm, businesslike, basis it has become necessary to look at alternatives. Consideration must also be given to the protection of the health of those employees who work in this system and to the fact that there are viable alternatives which are not as prone to producing injuries.

At the end of 2015, the City was notified by the local temporary staffing agency, that it would no longer be able to supply garbage collection personnel. The cancellation of the contract was due to injuries sustained by collectors over the past several years, thus resulting in the agency being unable to purchase worker’s compensation insurance coverage for the collectors. The in-ground liner system requires that collectors constantly lift containers from the in-ground liners, dump them into the collection vehicle and constantly be exposed to traffic and other hazards while moving from house to house. Most temporary staffing agencies will not supply garbage collectors due to the associated liability issues. However, the City was finally able, at a much higher price, to temporarily secure collectors through an out-of-town agency.

In order to furnish City residents with the most dependable garbage service, City staff has researched systems that reduce the collectors’ liability issues and provide the most economical and efficient service for the citizens of Moultrie. It has been determined that the industry standard, fully automated rollout cart systems, addresses all issues of concern and will provide City residents with reliable garbage service well into the future.

Therefore, City of Moultrie residential garbage customers will soon be noticing a change in their garbage containers and the City collection system. For decades, the City has utilized an in-ground liner system, but recent developments are forcing a change to a less labor intensive system that will employ rollout carts.

Plans are currently underway to secure the needed rollout carts and equipment to implement the system. It will take approximately six months to have the new system operational. In conjunction with the transition, crews will begin removing existing in-ground liners. This process is expected to take two years.

Prior to beginning the new service, the City will provide instructions to the public on how to use the new system. An extensive informational campaign will begin soon, and every effort will be made to implement the new process with the least amount of inconvenience to our residents.

Mayor McIntosh Congratulates Rita Baggs on Retirement


Moultrie Mayor Bill McIntosh congratulates Assistant Municipal Court Clerk Rita Baggs on her retirement, effective Dec. 31, after 10 years and 11 months of service with the city. City council members applaud the resolution.

CNS Basic Plus Channel Now Available

CNS Television’s Basic Plus package is now available. As a reminder, several channels are now repositioned and we have added new channels to the 100 series. Please refer to your most recent lineup which is also available on

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Improper placement of Yard Trimmings

In recent months, the City of Moultrie has noticed an increase in the improper placement of yard
trimmings. When yard trimmings are placed within the roadways, they begin to accumulate in
the drainage system. This causes problems for the proper drainage of roadways and it is very
costly to the City of Moultrie to clean out the drainage system.
Beginning January 1, 2016, the City of Moultrie will begin issuing citations to anyone in
violation of the City Ordinance, Section 94-96 – “Precollection”. The ordinance has been listed
below for your convenience.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

City of Moultrie Code of Ordinances
Sec. 94-96. – Precollection.

Yard trimmings location. All yard trimmings shall be located for collection adjacent to or on
the property upon which the waste contained therein is generated. The public works
department shall work with the residential or commercial customer to have the yard
trimmings placed for collection in a mutually agreeable location, but the final decision upon
collection placement shall be the responsibility of the public works department. Yard
trimmings may normally be placed for collection at any time as follows:

On streets with curb and gutter, yard trimmings shall be placed for collection
immediately behind the curb on the street right-of-way.

On streets without curb and gutter, yard trimmings shall be placed for collection
between the edge of the pavement and the edge of the ditch insofar as practical from
the pavement so as not to impede traffic flow.

In alleys, yard trimmings shall be placed for collection adjacent to the alley
immediately upon the property from which such yard trimmings were generated.

At no time shall yard trimmings be placed in ditches, gutters, drains, walkways, alleys,
or streets, on top of in-ground garbage liners or water meters, or within ten feet of a
fire hydrant

Christmas Parade 2015

Special Thanks to ALL who participated in the 2015 Christmas Parade! It was FANTASTIC!

City Council & County Commission

Congratulations to the Winners:
Schools: 1st Place-Sunset Elementary School,
2nd Place-Okapilco Elementary School,
3rd Place-Cox Elementary School.
Churches: 1st Place-Church of God of Prophecy,
2nd Place-Moultrie Church of God,
3rd Place-Lakeside Assembly of God.
Clubs/Organizations: 1st Place-Moultrie YMCA,
2nd Place-Moultrie/Colquitt County Humane Society,
3rd Place-Colquitt County Forestry Queens.
Business: 1st Place-Colquitt Regional Medical Center,
2nd Place-Fillyaw Farms,
3rd Place- Stacey Ferguson with Robert Hutson.
Awards will be presented at the January 5th Moultrie City Council Meeting 6:00 p.m.

CNS Cable Lineup is Expanding

Your Broadcast Basic lineup is expanding! Moultrie CNS customers can now enjoy GritTV on Ch. 96.

CNS NEWS: Super Basic Lineup Change!!!

Your Super Basic lineup is expanding! Beginning October 19th, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will move from channel 332 to channel 123.

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