Recent phone scams in the City of Moultrie’s service territory have left some customers victim to identity theft and/or credit card fraud. Scammers are operating under false identity claiming they are representatives of the City of Moultrie. Lately, they are informing customers that their utility bills are late and that their utility services will be disconnected. Credit card information is then demanded immediately.

The City of Moultrie would like to reassure our customers that we have safety measures in place to protect both personal and financial information. Occasionally, the City of Moultrie MAY call you to discuss your account. If we do, we will provide you with information that only you and the City of Moultrie would know in order to validate that our call is legitimate. If, after receiving the information, you are in question of the call origination, please hang up and call us directly on our main line 229-985-1974.

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Electronics Recycling Day

Electronics Recycling Event Wednesday, April 16, 2014 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

For more information click here.

Annual Spring Cleanup Week

April has been designated KEEP GEORGIA BEAUTIFUL MONTH and the City of Moultrie Public Works Department has something planned to help out its Citizens. Read more details here.

2014 Moultrie-Colquitt County Parks and Recreation Recreator

Recreator February, March, and April 2014

The Moultrie – Colquitt County Parks and Recreation Department provides the Spring recreator for the months of February, March, and April 2014.  Please click here to view a complete list of all recreational activities for the year including age limits and registration dates.

Spring Fling and Backyard BBQ – THIS WEEKEND



2014 Spring Fling and Back Yard BBQ Festival

Mark your calendars for 2014 Spring Fling and Back Yard BBQ Festival April 18-19.

Click here for more information and contest entry forms.


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Arbor Day 2014

The City of Moultrie Celebrates Arbor Day. Jake Hurst with The Georgia Forestry Commission presents a flag honoring The City of Moultrie as a 25 year member of Tree City USA.

From left: Jake Hurst,  Councilmember Wilma Hadley,  Councilmember Angela Castellow, Mayor Bill McIntosh, City employee Freddie Farrell, Councilmember Lisa Clarke Hill.

From left: Councilmember Angela Castellow, Neva Herschell, Lynda Moseley.

2014 Spring Fling & Backyard BBQ Festival

Create TV

CNS is proud to announce the addition of Create TV to our channel line up.  Create can be found on CNS channel 72.  Create TV’s instructional programs provide expert advice on cooking, arts & crafts, gardening, home improvement and travel. Tune in and be inspired to taste, grow, imagine, explore and live more fully.

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