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How To Start A Business

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Opening the doors of a new business requires licenses, permits, and lots of planning.  To get the process started, contact the Planning and Community Development Department.

Planning and Community Development is located 200 1st Street N.E, Moultrie 31768, and can be reached at 229-668-7223.  Once you contact Planning and Community Development, they will HIGHLY recommend you attend an EDGE (Encouraging Development and Growth Efficiently) meeting.

EDGE was developed with developers and business owners in mind helping to make their process with the City of Moultrie more helpful.  EDGE consists of City Team Leaders that you will come into contact with during your process.  Many refer to it as a “one-stop-shop”.   We want to build a working relationship with you enhancing your new business/development process.

Planning and Community Development can schedule the EDGE meeting.

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Questions? We can help you! Contact us at (229) 985.1974, or if you prefer