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Downtown Economic Development & Public Relations

The Downtown Economic Development & PR office is located in the heart of Moultrie.  The office serves as a ready point of contact for prospects, project management, and administers incentives for the downtown district.  We offer many programs and services to help better assist the downtown, the heart of the community.

Main Street Program

Main Street is a national movement that has spanned more than three decades and taken root in more than 2,000 communities.  Moultrie was designated a Georgia Main Street City in 1989.

Main Street is founded on the goal of economic development within the context of historic preservation.  This concept allows for new development that is compatible with the existing downtown physical environment.

Since 1989, Moultrie’s Main Street program has spurred the rehabilitation of many buildings, been a catalyst for hundreds of new businesses creating hundreds of jobs, and established events downtown that continues to attract thousands of people each year.

Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was established in 1982 in accordance with the Downtown Development Authority Law.  The purpose of the DDA is “the revitalization and redevelopment of the central business district of the city; to develop and promote the public good and general welfare trade, commerce, industry, and employment opportunities and to promote the general welfare of the state of Georgia.”  City Council appoints a seven-member Board of Directors for four-year terms.  The DDA powers include:  to purchase and own property; to lease or rent; to finance projects; to receive government grants or loans; to execute contracts; to finance projects; and to receive tax monies.  The DDA is primarily a policy and decision making body and may also be a land developer, landlord, planning organization, or a project manager.

Public Relations

Public relations establishes and maintains relationships with the City of Moultrie’s target audience, the media, and other opinion leaders.  Common responsibilities include designing communications campaigns, writing news releases and other content for news, working with the press, arranging interviews for company spokespeople, writing speeches for company leaders, acting as an organization’s spokesperson, organizing media interviews and speeches, writing website and social media content, managing company reputation (crisis management), managing internal communications, and marketing activities like brand awareness and event management.

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