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City to Remove Traffic Light, Replace Sidewalk Near Park

22 Feb, 2017

The City of Moultrie is gearing up for two small construction projects on Second Street Southeast.

One is the next step in the pocket park, where the city has buried utility lines in preparation for streetscape work. On Tuesday, Moultrie City Council approved a bid from The Zane Grace Construction Company, out of Leesburg, Ga., to install brick pavers along Second Street in front of the park. The work will cost $37,247.38.

City Manager Pete Dillard said the city has some work left to pack the dirt following the burial of the lines. The company will be able to start after that is completed.

Dillard said electricity is still flowing through the above-ground lines, and the city will swap over to the underground ones the weekend of March 4. Since the change-over will be on a Saturday, only three downtown businesses are expected to be affected, but Dillard said the city is having to acquire generators to make sure those businesses — two restaurants and a clothing store — have electricity throughout the process.

Once power is flowing through the underground lines, the city will remove the poles and above-ground lines to give the area around the park a cleaner look.

The second project approved Tuesday was the removal of the traffic light at Second Street and Second Avenue Southeast. Beginning Monday, Feb. 27, the light will operate in flash mode. Drivers on Second Avenue will have to stop at the flashing red light, while drivers on Second Street will be able to proceed with caution under a flashing yellow light.

The light will operate in flash mode for two weeks before it’s replaced with stop signs, which will allow traffic on Second Street to go through while traffic on Second Avenue will have to stop.