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Chief Investigator Criminal Investigations Division


Chief Investigator Criminal Investigations Division

Rank:  1st Sergeant

  Department: Police

Salary:  $19.50/$42,588.00

Purpose of Classification

The Chief Investigator is a front line supervisor for the Criminal Investigations Division.


Essential Functions

In the absence of the Lieutenant, the Chief Investigator is responsible to the Captain for the following tasks:

A. Providing supervision for all investigators and employees under his/her command.

B. Assigning and supervising investigator’s caseload.

C. Keeping apprised on unsolved cases and persons sought.

D. Reviewing all reports generated by their investigators for accuracy, completeness, and conformity to reporting procedures.

E. Conduct investigations into criminal activity with the jurisdiction.

F. Ensuring employee compliance with the Moultrie Police Department procedures and regulations.

G. Evaluating the Division’s productivity and employee performance.

H. Maintaining Division Records

I. Keeping the division updated on changes in law and operational procedures.

J. Preparing and monitoring the Division’s budget.

K. Scheduling and approving employee training.

L. Making recommendations to the Captain on the status of the equipment and manpower assigned to the division.

M. Coordinating with the Patrol Division Commander to determine staffing allocations for special operations when needed.


When the Lieutenant of CID is present and on duty, the Chief Investigator will assume the duties of an investigator and any supervisory duties delegated to them as a supervisor by the CID Lieutenant.


Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or GED required; must have completed one (1) year of satisfactory service with the Moultrie Police Department. Must successfully navigate an oral interview board. Must have at least three (3) years of Criminal Investigations experience in investigating and successfully prosecuting felony crimes.


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