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Desktop / Network Support Technician


Desktop / Network Support Technician


Information Technology


Potential Starting Salary Range:



The incumbent’s role is to support and maintain the organization’s computer systems, including but not limited to servers, desktops, laptops, peripherals, printers, cell phones, network equipment, and infrastructure.  This includes installing, diagnosing, maintaining, and upgrading the organization’s hardware and equipment while ensuring optimal service during regular working hours.  The incumbent will troubleshoot issues by phone, email, or in-person in a timely fashion and provide end-user assistance where required.  This position works under the supervision of the Director of Information Technology.

Illustrative duties:

  1. Active Directory user and group administration
  2. Exchange 2016 administration
  3. VPN configuration
  4. Barracuda backup appliance administration
  5. Barracuda email SPAM filter administration
  6. Mitel phone system administration
  7. Install, configure, upgrade and maintain computer and laptop hardware and software including operating systems and end-user applications
  8. Install, configure, and maintain associated peripherals including, monitors, keyboards, mice, webcams, docking stations, printers, scanners, credit card terminals, and other attached peripheral devices including UPS’s.
  9. Install, configure, and maintain IP phone desktop sets for end users.
  10. Assist with the installation, configuration, and maintenance of network servers, and associated cabinet mounting facilities.
  11. Assist with the installation, and maintenance of enterprise network hardware such as Ethernet switches, phone switches, router, security cameras, and intrusion protection hardware.
  12. Assist with installation, upgrading, adding any additional infrastructure cabling throughout the enterprise.
  13. Assist with the relocation and disposition of defunct, outdated, broken, or otherwise unusable technology in an effort to maintain clean and safe work areas related to technology storage.
  14. Other duties as assigned by the Director of Information Technology or his designee.


Position Requirements:

Must possess an Associates degree or technical school equivalent with an emphasis in computer technology.  Certified computer training (CompTIA A+, Net+) preferred but not necessary.  Three years experience with excellent knowledge in Window NT administration with an understanding of GPO’s, GPP’s and NTFS directory and file permissions.    Must understand TCP/IP addressing and configuration.  Excellent knowledge of Dell server, PC and laptop hardware, and internal components.  Excellent knowledge of the Windows 10 and Mac OS operating systems.  Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, VNC, TeamViewer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox preferred.  Knowledge of Android and Apple mobile devices highly preferred.  Ability to operate the tools and components related to technical repair.  Ability to read and understand technical manuals, documents, and guides.  Must be highly motivated with attention to detail.  Must have a strong desire to provide exceptional customer service in a professional environment.


Work conditions:

  1. Sitting, standing, or walking for extended periods.
  2. Manual dexterity of hands and fingers to operate computer keyboards, mice, and other peripherals and tools necessary to repair such components.
  3. Must be able to lift and transport 50 lbs. repeatedly.
  4. Must possess a valid Georgia driver’s license.


**If you feel you qualify for the above position, you must report to the Human Resources Office to indicate your interest.


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