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Journeyman Lineman


Journeyman Lineman



Potential Starting Salary Range:

$58,240 (Salary based on qualifications and experience)

General Nature of Work:

Participates in the installation and alignment of power line poles using hand tools, power winch or block, tackle and rigging; climbs poles using spikes and safety belt; installs transformers, fuse cut-outs and reactors; makes hotline taps, strings primary and secondary lines and attaches wire to insulators and cross arms; participates in making of voltage and amperage test.  Assist in the training and giving instruction to new employees; operates post digging machine, investigates complaints regarding power failure and making necessary adjustments; operates line truck hauling supplies, equipment and personnel.

Training and Experience:

Must be a high school graduate or equivalent, preferably supplemented by VOTEC courses relating to electricity and electrical theory; Lineman having completed the Apprentice Lineman Certification Course and having 3-4 year experience in an apprenticeship-type role; able to perform all secondary –line work and have ample experience with primary line construction, thorough knowledge of standards, practices, methods and procedures used in power line construction and maintenance; skill in the use of technical tools, equipment and supplies; ability to climb poles and work with speed and accuracy while maintaining position and balance with a safety belt and must possess a valid Commercial Driver’s license.

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