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Community Impact Summary 2016

2016 Community Impact Report

Below is a summary of your Downtown Development program’s annual impact for the 2016 calendar year. All numbers are self reported by each program on a monthly basis and are required as part of the annual assessment process.

Total Number of Promotional Events 23
Total Attendance at Promotional Events 52,150
Total Number of Volunteer Hours 3,575
Total Number of Completed Building Rehabilitation Projects 2
Total Cost of Building Rehabs $475,000
Total Number of Public Improvement Projects 8
Total Cost of Public Improvement Projects $26,800
Total Number of New Housing Units 6
Total Number of New Businesses Opening or Expanding 11
Total Number of New Jobs Created 63
Total Number of Business Closings 3
Total Number of Jobs Lost -7
Total Number of Net Jobs 56
Total Amount of Private/Public Investment Downtown $1,842,173

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