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Watershed Protection Plan

The City of Moultrie is located in the Ochlocknee River Basin and the city is committed to preserving the pristine natural beauty and quality of its waters. While the city itself takes steps to maintain and improve the water quality, citizens and businesses are also encouraged to help by exercising better stewardship of our natural resources.

It is easy for the average citizen to do their part in ensuring that our rivers and streams are taken care of. First, be aware that anything that is thrown or dumped on the ground can eventually wind its way into our waterways. Don’t throw out litter, tires, appliances, or other debris. Not only can it clog and pollute our ditches and streams, causing an unsightly mess and increasing flooding potential, but some of the plastics and other synthetics can take many years to decompose.

Also, don’t pour any household chemical or petroleum product down a storm drain or onto the ground. That same chemical will eventually find its way into our streams and our drinking water. It is important to realize that we all live in a closed environment, and it is our obligation to make certain that we maintain it not only for ourselves but for future generations. Working together, we can make a difference.

Annual Spring Cleanup

Each April the City of Moultrie holds its Annual Spring Cleanup. Private residents can use this opportunity to dispose of any garbage or appliance for free. Old vehicles are also accepted. This is a great way to not only do your spring cleaning but to also ensure proper disposal in the most environmentally friendly manner.

Septic Systems

For those who aren’t connected to a municipal sanitary sewer system, it is important to properly maintain their septic tank and its drain field. If not properly maintained, a septic system can pollute the surrounding ground water. See the UGA “On-Site Wastewater Management Systems and Their Environmental Impacts” bulletin below.

Animal Operations Agricultural Producers

It is important for farmers who raise livestock to develop and follow nutrient management plans for their operations. Information can be found at the UGA Poultry Science Department’s Nutrient Management Programs for Poultry Producers website here:

Erosion and Sediment Controls for Construction Sites

Improper erosion and sediment control for construction sites can be blamed for the sediment blocking many streams and ditches. If you disturb one acre or more of land, you must follow proper erosion and sediment control. Contact the City of Moultrie Planning and Community Development Office (229-668-7223) for additional info.

University of Georgia Water Quality Series Extension Service Bulletins

Following are links to UGA bulletins explaining definitions and procedures for ensuring proper water quality:

Watershed Assessment in Georgia
Total Maximum Daily Loads in Georgia
Georgia’s Water Quality Standards
On-Site Wastewater Management Systems and Their Environmental Impacts
Drinking Water Protection in Georgia
Urban Storm Water Management in Georgia

Adopt-A-Stream Programs

The City of Moultrie encourages and supports the efforts of local Adopt-A-Stream Programs and other stream stewardship programs. Resources for further education can be found at the following links:

UGA Cooperative Extension, Colquitt County Office

350 Building 1, Room 132
Veterans Parkway North
Moultrie, GA 31788

(229) 616-7455

UGA Archway Partnership

350 Building 1, Room 132
Veterans Parkway North
Moultrie, GA 31788
(229) 616-7455

Storm Water Permitting for Land Disturbing Activities

Anyone involved in a land disturbing activity must follow correct procedures and guidelines. Information can be found under the “Soil erosion, sedimentation and pollution control” ordinance here.

Click here for the Water Cycle Glossary of Terms

Monthly Water Conservation Tip:

Water your lawn in the early morning to avoid evaporation.

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