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Water / Sewer Division

Moultrie’s Water and Wastewater systems serve over 6,900 residential and commercial customers.

Over 2,000,000 gallons of water a day are delivered from 7 deep wells through a network of pipes throughout the city and some sections of the county. Our abundant water source is supplied through a limestone aquifer and consistently tests free from contamination.

The City sewer system is comprised of over 140 miles of main line. Twenty lift stations help transport sewer water to our two treatment facilities located in Moultrie and Spence Field.

The Georgia Water Stewardship Act went into effect statewide on June 2, 2010. Read more details here.

Water Restrictions

Moultrie’s water and sewer operations are currently managed by ESG Operations, Inc.

For questions concerning Water and Sewer, call our Utility Department at 229-668-6000.

Questions? We can help you! Contact us at (229) 985.1974, or if you prefer