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Enhancements to Downtown Parking Area Complete

28 May, 2020













Five years ago, a strategic planning session of the Downtown Development Authority identified several needed enhancements and projects that would greatly improve and impact Moultrie’s Downtown.  These enhancements have been identified by three organizations tasked with improving our Downtown:  The Downtown Development Authority, The Downtown Moultrie Association, and Downtown Moultrie Tommorrow, Inc.

The Downtown Moultrie Tomorrow Enhancement Committee was established with the complex task of facilitating and coordinating major enhancements to Downtown on an ongoing basis.  It works closely with The Main Street Program, local government, and private businesses.   The first completed project was Moultrie’s first Pocket Park located on the corner of 2nd Avenue and 1st Street Southeast. The second completed project was Mule Barn Park, thanks to the help of The Colquitt County Commission, The City of Moultrie, and private property owners.

Thursday, May 28th, a ribbon-cutting for the third project, South Main Parking Lot, took place.  The lot is located on South Main Street and 2nd Avenue.  The area contained unsightly debris, trash and blight, subgrade issues and drainage issues until now.   The City of Moultrie, together with Downtown Moultrie Tomorrow, Inc., Landscape Architect Jonathan Vines, and private donors, made this project happen.  The blighted area has been updated with asphalt, landscaping, lighting, trees and plants, and sidewalk improvements. Benches and other amenities will be added soon.

The project was funded through private donations and SPLOST.

Other downtown-identified projects include 1) Sportsman’s Park, a walk-through park located at the site of the Sportsman’s Building, which will eliminate blight, creating a connection between 1st Street and the newly renovated parking area.  2) The addition of a security camera and WiFi  network in the downtown area to deter crime and offer increased security.  The Bid package is out on this project.  3) The renovation of a new Downtown Promotion and Welcome Center that will include centralized public restrooms, meeting space, and offices.  Through privately donated funds, Downtown Moultrie Tomorrow Inc. is in the development stages of this project. 4) The stabilization of the deteriorating former Treasure Chest building located on East Central Ave.  The building was donated to the Downtown Development Authority.  The property is currently under renovation and will occupy ten loft apartments and two retail spaces.

“Enhancing our Downtown is important to the stability and growth of the entire community,” said Mayor William McIntosh.