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New Digital Forensics Lab Up and Running

4 Jun, 2020







Over the past twenty years, the way we do business, communicate with friends and family, store videos, and photos has changed because of digital technology.  It is rare to see individuals without a cell phone or walk in a coffee shop and not see someone studying or doing business through computer devices.

The change in communication has forced Police and Sheriff Departments across the country to adapt to these changes.  The Moultrie Police Department and the Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office now has a Digital Forensics Lab that is helping to obtain digital evidence from computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, hard drives, and many other electronic devices.

“This day and age, people’s lives revolve around their devices,” Moultrie Police Chief Sean Ladson said. “Many times, critical evidence and information is contained in these devices, and to build a case efficiently, we must be able to extract this information from multiple devices.”

According to Chief Ladson, “Because of the great relationship between the Moultrie Police Department, Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office, and the Secret Service, Moultrie now has a state of the art Digital Forensics Lab.”  The Secret Service provided the lab and training.  According to Ladson, Investigator Sgt. Shavarye’ Anderson, who is the Digital Forensic Examiner, received extensive training to run the lab.  “Technology is the future, Anderson said. “It puts us ahead of the curve as far as investigations.”

How does the new Forensic Lab set Moultrie apart from other agencies? “Normally, departments our size would not have this type of lab,” said Chief Ladson.   Moultrie Police Department will allow other law enforcement agencies to use the lab.

Clint Bush, Resident Agent in charge of the United States Secret Service Unit located in Albany, GA, said the lab will benefit the citizens of Moultrie, Colquitt County, and all of Southwest Georgia. Bush is in charge of 60 counties in Georgia, including Colquitt.  “We want to build on our strong relationship with the Police and Sheriff’s Office,” Bush said.