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Moultrie’s new fully customized fire truck arrives

16 Mar, 2021

The Moultrie Fire Department’s new fire truck just arrived! The Sutphen fire truck was completely custom-built to meet the needs of firefighters here in Moultrie. Back in August of 2019, a committee of our firefighters was put together and asked what they would want/need out of a new fire truck. After many meetings, a design was finalized, and a team from Urbana, Ohio, began piecing it together. On March 12, the fully customized fire truck rolled into Station One for the first time. The truck has many essential features, including a 1,500 GPM pump and a 1,000-gallon tank. The Moultrie Fire Department would like to say thank you to City Manager Pete Dillard and the Moultrie City Council for all of their help in attaining this fire truck.