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New Garbage System Roll Out

27 Oct, 2016

The City of Moultrie Public Works Department is working diligently preparing for the new roll-out garbage container program.  The anticipated time has arrived.  City of Moultrie Public Works Director Danny Ward plans for carts to be delivered beginning November 1 through November 13th.

“Unless there is some unforeseen reason that would prevent it, all carts will be collected on their new scheduled collection day beginning the week of Nov 14.  Until that time, residents need to continue using their existing garbage container”, Ward said.

“There are some unusual circumstances where a home may not have a side yard or outdoor access from their back yard to their front yard.  Solid Waste staff will meet with those customers to discuss proper placement and storage of their rollout carts”, he continued.

A benefit to the homeowner will be they will have 50% more capacity than with the in-ground containers.  The current in-ground containers are 32 gallons and picked up twice a week.  With the new system, the roll-out containers will be 96 gallons and picked up once a week.

When carts are distributed, an informational tag will be on the container explaining how to handle the new container.  The tag will explain new collection schedule and when you should stop using your in-ground container.  The tag also explains where the carts should be placed on collection days and non-collection days.

For those physically unable to roll their cart, Public Works staff is working on provisions for those affected.  For those physically in need of help with their cart must contact The Public Works Department for additional information.

Once all carts are delivered, work to remove the in-ground containers will begin.  For questions concerning the new roll-out container system contact The Public Works Department by calling 668-5423.