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The Importance of T-SPLOST

29 Apr, 2022


Colquitt County early voting will take place May 2nd-May 20th, and the general election will take place May 24th.  Therefore, it is crucial for local citizens to understand the T-SPLOST referendum renewal on the ballot and the significant positive impacts it is having on our local communities.

T-SPLOST, short for Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, allows local governments to pay for capital improvement projects intended for transportation purposes (roads, streets, bridges) that would otherwise be paid for with property tax revenues.

The T-SPLOST 1-cent sales tax will be a renewal, so it will not be a new tax for local citizens.  It will be a continuation and last for five years beginning October 1, 2022, and ending on August 31, 2026.  The tax could end sooner if the estimated $32,000,000 is collected before the five years is over.

The T-SPLOST will benefit Colquitt County, City of Berlin, City of Doerun, City of Ellenton, City of Funston, City of Moultrie, City of Norman Park, Airport Authority, Hospital Authority, and Recreation Authority.  A complete list of project descriptions and projected dollars is attached.

T-SPLOST is not a property tax, nor will it affect citizens’ property taxes.  The T-SPLOST is charged on goods purchased in Colquitt County, regardless of where the purchaser lives.  The tax will also be charged on online sales if the vendor is based in Colquitt County.  If there were no T-SPLOST, funds to make necessary improvements would have to come from property taxes, so this tax is significant to continued progress in Colquitt County and its municipalities.

Six items are exempt from the 1% tax, including 1) The sale of any fuel used for off-road, heavy-duty equipment, off-road farm, or agricultural equipment, 2) The sale or use of jet fuel to or by a qualifying airline at a qualifying airport.  3) The sale or use of fuel used for driving motor vehicles on public highways.  4) The sale or use of energy used in the manufacturing or processing of tangible goods primarily for resale.  5) The sale or use of motor fuel for public mass transit.  6) The purchase or lease of any motor vehicle.

The T-SPLOST will be located on the bottom of your voting ballot and will be titled Special Election and read as follows:

Colquitt County Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (T-SPLOST)

Shall a special one percent sales and use tax be imposed in the special district consisting of Colquitt County for a period of time not to exceed five calendar years and for the raising of an estimated amount of $32,000,000 for transportation purposes?

YES or No

Early voting will take place May 2nd-May 20th, Monday-Friday, and Saturdays, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  The location for early voting will be at the Courthouse Annex, room 201.   If you have questions about voting, please call 229-616-7056.


City of Moultrie Engineering Director Greg Monfort looks over plans of one for four box culvert replacements that are is being funded by the current T-SPLOST.