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Canopy of Lights

When people see the Canopy of Lights for the first time, several thoughts come to mind “wow,” “breathtaking,” “iconic.” It is all that and more for the locals who live and work here, but the Canopy of Lights also represents something else – Hometown Traditions. Generation after generation continues to take their children, family members, and friends to experience the magic of the Canopy of Lights. The most magical night of all is Thanksgiving night. The night the canopy is turned on for the first time that season. It seems like everyone in town comes down to the courthouse square to see thousands and thousands of lights burst to life at a single moment.


Location: Downtown Moultrie


The Canopy of Lights turns on for the first time on Thanksgiving night. They will come on every night for several weeks. They are officially switched off for the season on Twelfth Night (12 nights after Christmas day.)


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