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Update – Hurricane Michael

11 Oct, 2018

Hurricane Michael Update: We are now in the recovery and clean-up phase. From the initial assessment, it appears that the majority of the damage occurred west of us towards Decatur, Seminole, Mitchell, Baker, and Miller Counties. However, there were still some severe impacts here in Colquitt County.
There are multiple citizens who have sustained residential and commercial structure damage.

There is widespread damage to power lines, internet lines, and cellular services throughout the county. Overall, everyone is having difficulty communicating. All telecommunications companies are working to address the issues.

Some key points to highlight:
A curfew is in effect indefinitely. Please stay off the roads and indoors so that utility and public works crews can clear roads and work to restore power. If you are on the road, it will slow that effort down.

Local city/county and state law enforcement, first responders, utility crews, and public works crews are currently out and working. DOT and County / City Road Crews are working to clear major transportation routes first, followed by local routes.

There are multiple traffic signals not working throughout the county. E-911 dispatch is aware of this. We are working with DOT to re-establish power to these traffic signals as soon as possible. You should treat these intersections as a 4-way stop.

If you observe or sustain personal or property damage, or if you observe downed power or utility lines, please dial 911 and report it.

If you are having difficulty connecting to 911 with a cell phone, we are having some success with using old landlines with a hardwire phone jack.

Other available contact numbers for E-911 are: 229-616-7470 / 229-616-7042/3/4/5/6. All Emergency Calls are being assessed on a case by case basis.
If you observe downed trees or trees across roads, call the following numbers:

County Road & Bridge: 229-616-7047 / 7480

City of Moultrie Public Works: 229-668-5423

If you have lost power or other utilities, please contact the following:

Colquitt EMC: 1-855-293-1804

Georgia Power: 1-888-891-0938

City of Moultrie: 229-668-6000

City of Doerun: 229-529-4492

Neither City of Moultrie nor Colquitt County will run residential trash routes today. We hope to resume normal routes tomorrow depending on the road situation.

The landfill will be open today, Friday, and Saturday. There will be a two-week cost-free grace period to drop off woody materials and limb debris at the county landfill from Saturday, October 13th to Saturday, October 27th. This is limited to limbs, bushes, leaves and branches only. Proof of residency required and limited to individuals (non-commercial only).

We will continue to keep our community, as well as our other neighbors in southwest Georgia, in our thoughts and prayers as we recover from the hurricane.