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City Announces Streets to be Resurfaced

2 Aug, 2017

Below you will find a list of streets scheduled for resurfacing in The City of Moultrie.

The work is expected to begin in 2018.

Bracken Drive from Wiregrass Circle to Wiregrass Circle
4th Ave SE from 2nd St. SE to 5th St SE
13th Ave SW from West Blvd to 11th St SW
Ridge Road from Hummingbird Lane to Wiregrass Circle
9th Ave SE from 3rd St SE to 6th ST SE
5th Ave SE from South Main St. to 10th St SE
7th St NW from 6th Ave NW to West Central Ave.
Bonny Circle from 9th St SW to West Blvd
Quiet Cove from Old Tram Rd to Cul-de-Sac
8th Ave NW from 9th St NW to 5th St NW
Pine Circle from West Blvd to Cul-de-Sac
9th Ave NW from 5th St NW to 3rd St NW