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Statement From Mayor McIntosh and City Council

17 Jun, 2020

I, like you, am outraged, sad, frustrated, and concerned. George Floyd was killed, and it is a clear tragedy for his family and our entire Country.  Cities like ours must speak up as allies of justice and equal treatment of all our citizens. We stand with those seeking justice and equality.

Reality is that there is still a wound in the fabric of America that has not healed, and continues to be reopened. Racism. It begets violence, it begets death.

As a nation and as individuals, we must do better. Cities like ours can play an important role. As a City that believes diversity and inclusion are among our greatest strengths, we must put our resources and energy toward helping end any vestige of racism.

Our City is not perfect, but it has done great things, things to be proud of. We do not have all the answers. However, I believe that we, together with those within this community as our partners – and with the views and voices of those who challenge injustice – we can seek and find solutions.

Our efforts will focus on three main areas – listening, leading, and advocating.

LISTEN: We believe our City has the power to drive change. We want to get this right. In order to make progress for those who have been hurt by injustice, we need first to listen. We are spending time listening to our employees and seeking their input on meaningful actions we can take, both internal and external. We will seek out the voices and expertise of community leaders and others to inform our actions. In addition, we will continue to listen, to further the actions that we will take to lead.

If you think we can do something better, let us know.

We have set up a special email,, where you can send in your ideas.  We will listen to what you have to say and work together to make Moultrie a better place.

LEAD: As a City, we need internally to be an example for society overall, otherwise what platform do we have to lead from? We need to take multiple actions. We will pursue more diversity and inclusion training.

ACT: Together we will work within our City organization to support change and embrace policies that matter.

At times, this will be challenging and uncomfortable, and it will require courage, humility, dedication, and reflection.

Our pledge as a City is that we will do our part to listen, learn, lead, and act. The City of Moultrie is committed to making a difference in our community to ensure justice and equality of treatment for all of our citizens. Our City must play a visible and proactive role in creating a viable community, ready to seek change where needed.